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25 Jan 2023

Assemblage Bio 2022

The Assemblage Blanc and Assemblage Rosé – 2022 vintage – are finally back on sale in your Florès cellar, as of January 30, 2023!
And great news, since the 2022 harvest, our Assemblage range is now organically grown.

Why an organic wine ?
This range of wines with the organic label comes from organic farming and represents above all the commitment of the Florès winegrowers to a more sustainable agriculture that respects the work of the land. Its elaboration is subject to very precise specifications prohibiting the use of phytosanitary products on the vines.
This organic certification is the result of a long process and many changes for our winegrowers, who had to learn and apply good practices for a better treatment of their plots.

Come and rediscover these timeless wines in our tasting room and let yourself be seduced by their inimitable flavour… soon available online too 😉


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